The beauty of the game is how different systems interact with each other to create a living world

Natural Resources

The game starts off in a world rich with natural resources, at least for the needs of a small band of survivors after a bandit raided and razed their homes and left them for dead. The land is fertile and plentiful, the forest is thick with trees and animals. A few streams provide the necessary water for small scale farming. Some resources are quickly renewable such as animals, some are slower to renew, such as trees. Some resources are not renewable at all, and some resources seems to be limited by only what the town can support.

Technological Progress

At first not a lot is available, but as your town grows, so too does knowledge as people gain insight into the nature of their work. Each job belongs to a sector that it contributes experience into, and once you have enough experience, you get to spend it on a tech upgrade.

However, sometimes tech upgrades happen through events and other situations, be on the lookout for opportunities to improve the well-being of your town through technological breakthrough!

All things in Balance

A common theme in Prosperity is balancing growth with sustainability, so what happens when you expand too fast, or stock up too many goods? Many different events take place to constantly challenge your decisions and to help moderate your town. While disasters can be, well, disastrous, there is always a silver lining and an opportunity to improve.