1.14.2 2019-06-12

  • The save folder has changed locations for windows users! Don't worry, the game will migrate your files over automatically
  • Fixed a bug where currency can go negative from the Garden Stall
  • Fixed a bug where you can lose resources for starting to create a new district but then cancelling instead of hitting create.
  • Fixed a bug where workers can go negative when a building collapses from natural disasters
  • Added failsafes to prevent population from going negative (which shouldn't be possible, but there are some far flung edge cases)
  • Auction houses now provide money properly
  • Tweaked a number of tech upgrades
  • Job description will now provide efficiency breakdown if available
  • Lots of progress on the work order system but it is not yet available
  • Started work on the Perks system (not available yet)

1.13.1 2019-05-04

  • New feature: The hospital is a new facility for helping with overall health related issues. Like the City Guards, the Hospital can be funded at different levels for different effects. Funding is set the first of each month, and the effects last all month long, it is an important aspect for bigger towns/cities where disease can spread quickly.
  • Districts can now be abandoned or even razed. Sometimes districts simply cannot scale past a certain amount due to availability and types of zones. Sometimes you suffer a huge setback in the Capital, and need to recall workers. Abandoning a district keeps it on "hold" effectively, for a reduced upkeep but produces nothing. Razing takes some time to happen but completely clears the area and a "slot" so that you can establish a new district.
  • New portraits and icon assets - now choose from 3 male and 3 female avatars. Also, many of the icons in game were updated.
  • QoL changes: Ability to sort the warehouse by categories, and ability to sticky items to the top of the list.
  • Misc. Bug fixes: Includes a major update of the data-consistency checker, so that cached data are properly refreshed and derived data is close to being updated real time.

1.12.2 2019-01-09

  • New feature: Market Auto-sell on District Improvements. Once a Market is built in a district, the player will be able to toggle goods produced in the district to auto-sell. This feature figures out what the district produces by keeping a running list of goods produced via each improvement
  • District Improvement changes:
    • Compost Yard - will now provide Food points to a district instead of increasing efficiency of farms
    • Road to Capital - Reduced the prerequisite district stats, replaced Explorers Guild with Porcelain Tower
  • District Upkeep cost adjusted, will now have a base cost to upkeep districts to discourage creating too many all at once
  • District Details UI - now displays a badge beside each stimulus package if there is currently any time left on a stimulus pack
  • Districts are now prone to flooding if there is a river zone in the district. Flooding can kill inhabitants and will delay production
  • New District Improvement: Levee - can be built on district zones with a river, reduces chance of flooding.
  • New District Improvement: Stables - are built in the Core of a district, once built it will provide a productivity boost of 20 for every farm built in the district
  • Fixed an issue where a district improvement in ramp-up mode produced negative goods
  • Fixed an issue where district efficiency could potentially become negative
  • Fixed an issue where 2nd floor (and other building upgrades that added housing capacity) wasn’t adding any housing
  • Fixed an issue where the upgrade toggle on a building card reset itself if the building was not marked as being upgradable
  • Fixed an issue where starting a project called for 1 more worker than listed in the project card
  • Fixed an issue where the commission on the trading screen was incorrectly calculated
  • Fixed an issue where typing the amount of goods to sell did not trigger an update on calculating what the total gains should be
  • Granite and a number of other exotic resources are now able to be sold through the Sell tab of the Trading screen
  • Overflow penalty for warehouse will now be more prominent by adding a debuff marker. Overflow penalty will now scale when population < 100
  • Increased base salary of Constables, constables will now provide a static increase to security awesomeness
  • Sleeker UI for setting up a game, added potential for more professions to be added
  • Behind the scenes: Modified the food history so that annual food consumption will be recorded in a separate archive, which reduces memory needs to store food history in total